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mission statement

The relationship between the built and natural worlds must be sustainable. The EDC believes designers should pioneer this relationship. The EDC seeks to educate and inspire University of Oregon design students to have the awareness, sensitivity, and expertise to lead the community toward sustainability. While the EDC's focus is in the design disciplines, we welcome interested students and community members of all fields.

our mission is to:

  • Advocate for an interdisciplinary ecological design curriculum for AAA students,
  • Cultivate networking opportunities for AAA students with professionals practicing sustainable design of the built environment,
  • Create a forum for ecological design dialogue through the HOPES conference, traditional and digital publications, and on-going events,
  • Advocate for and implement ecological planning and design on the University of Oregon campus and Eugene community.

2005-2006 coordinators

edc director

Jessica Garner

campus sustainability

Jesse Jenkins
Dustann Jones


John Pete
Andrew Scheidt

events & workshops

Caleb Laughlin
Brooke Ferguson


Christopher Young


Jess Parker

hopes logistics

Daniel Schaible

professional development

Andrea Matthews

public relations

Kaarin Knudson

publications: print

Allison Bryan
Dan Goldstein

publications: web

Chris Legg


Sebastien Rake
Jessy Olson

2004-2005 coordinators

Sam Jensen Augustine
Martha Bohm
Sebastian Collet
Tim Cooke
Chris Cottrell
Roxanne Coulter
Lilah Glick

Erin Hastings
Phillip Jones
Chris Legg
Zac Moran
Jessy Olson
Kennett Payne
Susan Thompson

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