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Gregory Waltner
Gregory Waltner ATC

Gregory came to us from Eastern Michigan University and will begin his 2nd year working with the Intercollegiate Track & Field team. He spent his first year working with the Intercollegiate Football program. Greg has recently become interested in how understanding and appreciating different personality types (such as the True Colors personality categorization) can help various groups work together more effectively. Greg is currently transforming his interests into a research question for a thesis.

Do you believe that as a member of our graduate AT program you have developed important relationships that will provide you with professional or personal support in the future?

The relationships that I have been able to develop between the staff, instructors, and fellow Graduate students will not only aid me in my future as a professional, but also as a person. With the opportunities to host visiting schools and interact with their ATC's the University of Oregon gives each Graduate student a chance to expand their professional network.

Do you believe that you are (or will be) a better athletic trainer because of the academic and/or clinical experiences you are obtaining as a member of this program?

I will graduate being a better Athletic Trainer because I'm learning and using new treatment and rehab techniques that will better prepare and give me more treatment options. My clinical experience thus far has been just that; an experience. One of the best ways to become a better Athletic Trainer is to see many different solutions to familiar problems, but also encounter unfamiliar problems. My clinical experience has given me both familiar and unfamiliar situations that have enabled me to grow as a professional.