University of Oregon

Department of Human Physiology Graduate Studies in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine

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Human Physiology Athletic Training Faculty:

Within our academic program you will have the opportunity to learn along side esteemed teaching and research faculty from the Human Physiology Department, seasoned athletic trainers and sports medicine physicians from the Athletic Medicine staff in Collegiate Athletics, as well as top therapists from the community. Each student in our program will take classes from a minimum of eleven different educators; an environment which naturally breeds diversity in ideas and educational experiences.

Program Administrative Team:

grace_150-thumb Kim Terrell shelley-thumb
Grace M. Golden, PhD, ATC, CSCS, Program Director Kim Terrell, M.S., ATC
Clinical Coordinator
Shelley Linens, PhD ATC, Program Faculty

Additional Program Educators:

Mike Baum Stephanie Brooks Julie%20Embree
Mike Baum, PT, CFMT Stephanie Brooks,MS, ATC/R Julie Embree, PT
Tom Embree Heather Garris Travis Halseth
Tom Embree, MS, ATC/R Heather Halseth, MS, ATC/R Travis Halseth, MS, ATC/R
Stan James Clay Jamieson Tori%20Noda-1
Stan James, M.D. Clay Jamieson, MS, ATC/R Tori Noda, ATC/R, CSCS
Tracy%20Oshiro Lou Osternig Robyn Pester
Tracy Oshiro, MS, ATC/R Lou Osternig, Ph.D., ATC Professor Emeritus Robyn Pester, MS, PT, ATC, CSCS
Ken Singer Greg Skaggs Julie Staub
Ken Singer, M.D. Greg Skaggs, M.D. Julie Staub, MS, PT, CSCS
Kevin Steil Richard Troxel Grant Wilson
Kevin Steil, MS, ATC/R Richard Troxel, M.S. Grant Wilson, M.S., ATC