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Funded Clinical Assignments:

Fall 2018 we will have 8 funded clinical assignments split across two cohorts of students. We believe a clinical assignment is so important that we only accept an equal number of graduate students. Therefore, all students will have a funded graduate assistantship as their clinical placement. No additional application is required for the assistantship. Isn't that great news?!

Which clinical assignments are available next year?

Our students have a new clinical assignment each year. This means that all 8 of the assignments described below are available every year! Clinical placements for students are determined using student input in combination with recommendation from faculty, clinical mentors and the clinical coordinator. Student input is provided during the interview process, as well as during meetings with clinical mentors, and includes student’s professional goals, clinical skills and experiences. Second year students are placed in advance of those entering the program their first year.

How much is the funding, and what costs are associated?

At the University of Oregon, the term “Graduate Employee” (or GE) is used for all graduate funding, instead of the more common “Graduate Assistant”. Our funded clinical assignments all include a full tuition waiver, health benefits, and a stipend (~$1,600/month). The maximum appointment a graduate student can hold equals 0.49 FTE, which is equivalent to an average of 20 hours/week (more when the sport is in season, and less on the off season). Students are responsible for student fees each term, which equal approximately $140/term or $420/year total. Students must also become Licensed by the Oregon Health Licensing Office which includes a one time $100 application fee, and then costs $225/year. One pint of local micro-brew averages $5/pint, and it’s worth every penny.

Clinical Assignments (GE positions)

Recreational Sports

One 0.30 FTE GE position is available with the Rec Sports department. This unique GE opportunity is ideal for those interested in becoming clinical instructors or educators. The position includes teaching a small seminar class for undergraduates who will act as First Responders during Rec Sports events. Other responsibilities include on-site event coverage and undergraduate mentorship. It is combined with one of the Club Sports positions described next.

Club Sports

Two 0.2 FTE positions are available with the University’s Club Sports program. These two graduate students will work together to provide athletic training services at the home matches for Rugby, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee. These positions also include clinical hours treating Club Sports athletes in the Esslinger clinic. These two Club Sports GE positions are typically coupled with either the Recreational Sports GE position or a teaching position in the Human Physiology department.

Intercollegiate Athletics

There are six 0.49 FTE GE positions available in intercollegiate athletics. These positions include opportunities to participate in the provision of comprehensive athletic medicine care for intercollegiate student-athletes. These responsibilities include experiences in a structured environment at the various facilities located on campus and at the Casanova Athletic Center. There are varied responsibilities and these may include travel, practice and event supervision, as well as evaluation and treatment of athletic related injuries and/or conditions. Currently, GEs are involved with the following athletic teams: Football, Track and Field, Volleyball, Tennis, Soccer, Lacrosse, and Acrobatics & Tumbling.

Updated October 2018