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Student Selection

This program is not accepting applications for Fall 2021

Step 1: Program Administrative Team reviews all applications immediately following the submission deadline (December 8th). The applications are ranked independently by the evaluators using the following rubric.
1 2 3
The following criteria are met:
- GREs at or above minimum.

- Cumulative GPA at or above 3.5.

- Pre-reqs complete with B- or better.

- Work sample demonstrates proficient scientific writing ability at the graduate level.

- References highly recommend applicant and describe student as intelligent, internally motivated, clinically proficient, with positive personality traits.

- Cohesion between our program content and prospective student goals is demonstrated in letter of introduction.
Application includes one or more of the following:
- GREs above minimum.

- GPA at or above 3.0.

- 1-2 prerequisite courses are yet to be taken or achieved less than B-.

- Work sample may reflect need for improvement in scientific writing skills.

- One or two references do not highly recommend applicant.

- Letter of introduction does not demonstrate exceptional communication skills, clearly stated professional goals, or balanced academic and clinical interests.
Application includes one or more of the following:
- GREs below minimum.

- GRE below 3.0.

- More than 2 prerequisite are yet to be taken or achieved less than B-

- Work sample demonstrates poor writing skills, and is not reflective of graduate level scientific writing and/or critical thinking skills.

- References suggest student is not internally motivated, not clinically proficient, does not have positive personality traits or lacks intellect for graduate level work.

- Letter of introduction does not demonstrate acceptable communication skills, and lacks professional goals as well as balanced academic and clinical interests.

Step 2: Program Administrative Team reviews and discusses all applicant rankings and determines final ranking for each applicant. All applicants ranked #1 by the group will receive an interview. Applicants ranked #2 are reviewed by the Program Administrative Team collectively to determine how many weaknesses are present and their significance in their application. Based on the relative strengths and weaknesses of the applicant, the Team determines if the candidate is invited for an interview. Applicants ranked #3 do not receive an interview. All applicants are contacted by the end of December.

Step 3: During the Interview weekend candidates are introduced to all students, faculty and clinical mentors beginning with a 1.5-hour question and answer session. Each candidate participates in an individual 20-40 minute interview with the faculty and clinical mentors. Candidates also enjoy many opportunities to socialize with the current students, and tour the University facilities and see some of Eugene. Following the interview weekend, faculty and clinical mentors rank the candidates according to the following criteria based on both their application materials and interview:

- Defined professional goals match AT Program strengths.
- Demonstrates effective written and verbal communication skills.
- Demonstrates ability to articulate professional strengths and weaknesses.
- Demonstrates critical thinking and problem solving abilities.
- Demonstrates interest and aptitude to engage in self-directed learning, including research.
- Desires and demonstrates aptitude to engage in advanced clinical evidence based practice.

Step 4: Once feedback from all faculty, clinical mentors and current students has been collected, the Program Administrative Team selects the top candidates, and offers program admission.

Step 5: Offers are made by the Program Director via phone. Candidates are asked how long they will need to make a decision based on any other interviews they have planned. It is acceptable for a candidate to accept or decline the offer immediately, or to require additional time to accept or decline.

Step 6: All interviewed candidates are informed of status by mid-February.


Updated October 2018