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Department of Human Physiology Graduate Studies in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine

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Athletic Training Program Pre-Requisites and Admissions Criteria

Although we recognize that many accredited undergraduate athletic training programs do not require biology, chemistry and physics, our program requires a strong foundation in these basic sciences. For this reason, successful completion of at least one course in biology, chemistry and physics is an important part of your application (so ideally these courses will appear on your transcript when you apply December 15th). If you are missing one of these courses, you might still be considered for admission, but you would need to take the missing class prior to joining our program in August. If you have yet to complete more than one of these courses at the time of application, your application will be significantly weakened. AP credit for basic science courses can fulfill these pre-req requirements, as long as your undergraduate school accepted these transfer credits and, therefore, they appear on your transcript.

A minimum of one course of each of the following is required (with a grade of B- or better) unless otherwise noted:

  • Chemistry (including atomic and molecular structure, physical properties and chemical reaction of the elements)
  • Biology (cell structure and function)
  • Physics (mechanics: forces, Newton's laws)
  • Human Physiology (2 courses or 2 combined Anatomy & Physiology courses)
  • Human Anatomy (or combined Anatomy & Physiology)
  • Biomechanics (Kinesiology or Applied Anatomy)

GPA and GRE Admissions Criteria:

  • Minimum GRE scores on Verbal and Analytical:
    - Score of 150 on both verbal and analytical portions (new scoring system).
    - Combined score of 1050 with neither score below 450 (old scoring system).
  • Minimum GPA (3.0 on a 4.0 scale).
  • B- or better on all required coursework listed above.
  • International students must meet the GRE requirements above and have a TOEFL score of: 575 (Paper Test), or 90-91 (Internet Test). International student that have received a bachelor's degree from a university within the United States are waived from this requirement.