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Eric Sorenson
Eric Sorenson ATC

Eric completed his entry level athletic training education at Point Loma Nazarene University in Southern California. He has found his passion in teaching at UO, during his experiences with Human Anatomy, Nutrition and Sports Medicine classes. Next term he will be the lead instructor for a new Therapeutic Techniques course, supported by 9 of his classmates. Fall ’05 he is staying on for a third year in our program to work on his thesis in which he hopes to identify inflammatory markers following an eccentric exercise protocol.

What would you tell an applicant to ensure their expectations about our program were as accurate as possible?

Grad school at UO has opened doors that I never expected! Opportunities for involvement outside the classroom include collegiate athletics, high school athletics, recreational and club sports, teaching, and research. Furthermore, the relationships that you will build while attending school here will allow you to flourish in the areas YOU desire, and confidently pursue the professional positions you aspire for.

It is also important to realize that you will be challenged as a student at UO. Balancing academic work and GTF positions is no easy task... but very do-able! You will be encouraged to think critically and expand you current skills as an athletic trainer. If you invest time and effort here, you will come out as a better thinker and professional!

The UO network is rooted deep within the profession of academia and athletic training. You will leave this experience with tons of personal support for all of your future aspirations!