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Essentials of Physics

PHYS 101

Spring, 2007

Dean Livelybrooks
E-mail: dlivelyb@uoregon; 346-5855
Office: 225 Willamette Hall
Office hours: U10:00, H14:00
Anthony Clark
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Labs, Projects & Exams

Practice questions for Exam 2 can be found here.

Practice question solutions for Exam 2 can be found here.

Announcements (as in Blackboard).

  • Remember, there are syllabi for Hewitt 9th Edition and for Hewitt 10th Edition. Please get the right one for your copy of the textbook. They are both available on the course web page..
  • Weds (30th) we will finish studying electricity and magnetism and move into waves and sound.
  • No more HW due this term.

Special Notes:
  • Lab section lists can be found here.
  • End-of-chapter Exercises (marked in bold as "Ex:" in syllabus) are due on certain Fridays as homework. Answers to Review Questions ("RQs") need NOT be turned in. A list of assigned exercises for both Hewitt Ninth Edition and Hewitt Tenth Edition can be found here.
  • Review Question answers and posted homework (Exercise) solutions can be found here.


Labs, Projects and Exams

PDF file of Lab 1

PDF file of Lab 2

PDF file of Lab 3

PDF file of Lab 4

PDF file of Lab 5 cancelled

PDF file of Lab 5

PDF file of Lab 6

PDF file of Lab 7

PDF file of Lab 8


Lecture 1- Introductions, course questionaire, and an introduction to motion.

Lecture 2/3- Velocity, acceleration, force

Lecture 4- Mass, gravity & motion.

Lecture 5/6- Mass, gravity & motion; Work, energy & power

Lecture 7- Rotational Motion I

Lecture 8/9- Rotational Motion II, big G gravity and projectiles/satellites.

Lecture 10/11- Parabolic & orbital motion, Electricity I

Lecture 12/13- Electricity II & III

Lecture 14- Electricity III & Magnetism

Lecture 15/16- Electromagnetic Induction again, Waves and Sound

Lecture 17/18- Waves, Sound, Light and Color


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