Daniel Dugger

Department of Mathematics, University of Oregon
University Hall, Room 10C
Eugene, OR 97403

E-Mail: ddugger AT uoregon DOT edu

Currently I'm a professor in the math department at the University of Oregon.

Research interests: Algebraic topology, K-theory, commutative algebra.

Here's a Curriculum Vita.

Research Papers

Click for pdf files (or in some cases abstracts and dvi files).

Short Notes and Expository Papers

Longer Expository Projects

These projects are incomplete, and moving along somewhat slowly.

Some Pictures

These are mostly pictures from hiking trips around Oregon.

Diamond Peak

Oregon dunes, outside of Reedsport

The lower foothills in the spring

Mt. Washington

Smith Rock: Pic 1 , Pic 2 .

The Painted Hills: Pic 1 , Pic 2 .

Jefferson Park in the fall

North and Middle Sister, from Golden Lake

Wildflowers in the Coastal Range

You can email me: ddugger AT math.uore -remove this part- gon.edu
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