Deligne-Lusztig Theory

Workshop on Algebra and Representation Theory, Held on Oregonian Grounds

13-17 August 2018
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR


The schedule and timing are still tentative.
Exercises and lecture notes will be linked from this webpage when available.
Pastries and Coffee will be available in the lecture room starting at 830AM each morning.

All talks will be held in HEDCO 146, which we have reserved from 8AM to 550PM each day.

Monday: No geometry yet.

900-910: Opening Remarks
915-1015: Algebraic groups and reductive groups. (Jay Taylor) Notes another version
1015-1045: Exercise
1100-1200: Reductive groups over finite fields. (Jay Taylor) Notes
1200-1240: Exercise

1240-200: Lunch.

200-300: The Hecke algebra. (Olivier Dudas) Notes
300-340: Exercise
400-500: Principal series representations. (Olivier Dudas) Notes
500-540: Exercise

Tuesday: Deligne-Lusztig varieties

900-910: Triage 915-1015: Flag varieties. (Ben Elias) Notes
1015-1055: Exercise
1115-1215: Deligne-Lusztig varieties. (Jay Taylor) Notes
1215-1255: Exercise

1255-200: Lunch.

200-300: Braid groups and actions on varieties. (Olivier Dudas) Notes
300-340: Exercise
400-500: The Drinfeld curve and the Coxeter variety. (Olivier Dudas) Notes
500-540: Exercise

Wednesday: Cohomology Day

900-1000: Toolbox for computing cohomology groups. (Nick Proudfoot) Notes
1000-1040: Exercise
1100-1200: Around the Lefschetz trace formula. (Olivier Dudas) Notes
1200-1240: Exercise

1240-200: Lunch.

No later than 207PM: Take the number 28 bus at 14th and Kincaid, to Martin St and Amazon (arriving 225), for an afternoon hike up Spencer Butte. Bring water! Bring change for the bus (two dollars each way, or a buck seventy-five exact change). Don't be late or you have to wait until 237.

600-900: Evening Pizza Party at University Park

Thursday: Unipotent characters

900-1000: Deligne-Lusztig characters. (Zhe Chen) Notes
1000-1040: Exercise
1100-1200: Unipotent characters. (Jay Taylor) Notes
1200-1240: Exercise

1240-200: Lunch.

200-300: The Coxeter variety, redux. (Olivier Dudas) Notes
300-340: Exercise
400-500: Regular elements and conjectures. (Olivier Dudas) Notes
500-540: Exercise

Friday: Modular representation theory

900-1000: Representations of finite groups in positive characteristic. (Lucas Ruhstorfer) Notes another version
1000-1040: Exercise
1100-1200: Derived equivalences (Olivier Dudas) Notes
1200-1240: Exercise (see p2)

1240-200: Lunch.

200-300: Broué's abelian defect group conjecture and its geometric version. (Olivier Dudas) Notes
300-340: Exercise
400-500: The Coxeter variety... again?! (Olivier Dudas) Notes

The End